Sooke Region, Westshore & Greater Victoria, BC

How to Refer

Mindfulness West offers the following evidence-based therapeutic programs by referral from a physician or other qualified mental-health professional:

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

– depressive relapse prevention, symptom reduction for mild-moderate depression &/or anxiety, coping with pain or chronic disease, and stress management

Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP)

– for those with addictive behaviours who are in recovery

Mindful Self-Care for Caregivers

– for informal and family/friend caregivers


Information for Clinicians

BEFORE referring to our Mindfulness-Based Programs

Does your patient have the time and energy? - to attend an 8-week program that includes: a two-hour class each week plus daily practice for up to 45-60 minutes each day.​​

CAREFULLY review the exclusion criteria listed on the Referral Form to further assess suitability for referral.


Administer a PHQ-9 before completing the referral. Why?

  • Patients with a score >14 are usually not ready for these programs. Please consider deferring referral.

  • If a patient’s PHQ-9 question #9 score is 1 or greater, a risk assessment with subsequent safety planning may be necessary. Please consider deferring referral.

  • For patients with higher PHQ-9 scores/acuity, referral to alternate services is more appropriate.


​Complete the Referral Form carefully and legibly.

  • Referrals must include the patient's/client’s email address and PHQ-9 score. If the patient/client does not have an email address please indicate this on the form.

  • If your patient/client has any exclusions, you MUST provide an explanation for the referral.

  • INCOMPLETE or illegible referrals will be returned to source.


​If you are an MD or NP, please submit a “no charge referral” to MSP to Dr. Marisa Collins #07067.

  • ICD 9 code examples: 300 Anxiety Disorder, 311 Depressive Disorder, 309 Adjustment Reaction, 316 Psychological Factors Affecting Other Medical Conditions, 300.4 Dysthymic Disorder, 303/304 Alcohol or drug dependence


PLEASE inform your patient/client that in most cases we will contact them by email to arrange an intake & information appointment.


An intake and information appointment is required prior to group enrolment. Referral and attendance at a pre-course appointment do not guarantee enrolment. We may recommend deferring participation until a later date or recommend participation in a different program.


A limited number of groups are scheduled each year. You will be notified if your patient cannot be reached or declines service. You will receive notice of your patient’s/client’s enrolment or other status, either after the intake session or after their attendance in the program.

NB:  Mindfulness West facilitators cannot serve as the primary mental health care providers for patients enrolled in the program. Participants in all Mindfulness-Based Programs must have a physician who agrees to act as most responsible physician (MRP) or must be under the care of another qualified mental health professional.

Information for Patients/Clients 

What to expect AFTER they are referred to a Mindfulness-Based Program

  • We will use email to contact them to arrange appointments. Emails will come from and they may want to add this address to their “safe list".

  • Attending an intake & information appointment is required before enrolling in all Mindfulness-Based Programs offered by Mindfulness West.

  • The intake & information appointment can take up to two hours and includes:

    • Completion of a detailed mental health questionnaire

    • Individual interview with MBCT facilitator(s)

    • Introductory group information session with a few other potential participants

    • Deciding, together with the facilitator(s), if it is the right program and right time to participate.

  • Mindfulness West programs are free for anyone with a valid BC Care Card number.

  • Some partner organizations cover the cost of program workbooks. We will advise your patient/client if there are any additional costs for materials.