How to Refer

Mindfulness West offers evidence-based group programs by referral from a physician or other qualified healthcare or mental-health professional.


Information for Clinicians

BEFORE referring to our Mindfulness-Based Programs:

  1. Assess if your patient has time and energy to attend an 8-week program that includes: a two and a half hour class each week plus daily practice for about 60 minutes each day.​​ There will be an additional class for orientation.

  2. CAREFULLY review the exclusion criteria listed on the Referral Form to further assess eligibility. An explanation is required if there are any exclusions.

  3. Administer a PHQ-9 before completing the referral. A score >14 often suggests not being not ready for these programs; consider deferring referral. Alternate services are usually more appropriate if depression is greater than mild-moderate. If a patient’s PHQ-9 question #9 score is >0, a risk assessment is recommended, with subsequent safety planning as necessary.

  4. Complete the Referral Form carefully and legibly. Include the PHQ-9 & patient/client email. It is helpful to include the completed PHQ-9 form with the referral form. Incomplete or illegible referrals will be returned to source. If the patient/client does not have an email address please indicate this on the form.​

  5. If you are an MD or NP, please submit a "no charge referral" to MSP to Dr. Marisa Collins #07067. ​ICD 9 code examples: 300 Anxiety Disorder, 311 Depressive Disorder, 309 Adjustment Reaction, 316 Psychological Factors Affecting Other Medical Conditions, 300.4 Dysthymic Disorder, 303/304 Alcohol or drug dependence. You will receive notice of your patient’s/client’s enrolment or other status, either after the intake session or after their attendance in the program. You will also be notified if your patient cannot be reached or declines service.

  6. PLEASE inform your patient/client of the following: 
  • A limited number of groups are scheduled each year.

  • We will not contact your patient by email only when the next pre-course appointments are being arranged.

  • Attendance at the pre-course appointment does not guarantee enrolment. We may recommend deferring participation until a later date or recommend referral to a different program.

IMPORTANT:  Mindfulness West facilitators cannot serve as the primary mental health care providers for patients enrolled in the program. Participants in all Mindfulness-Based Programs must have a physician who agrees to act as most responsible physician (MRP) or be under the care of a qualified mental health clinician.

Referral Form

Information for Patients/Clients 

AFTER you are referred to a Mindfulness-Based Program

  • We will use email to contact you to arrange appointments. Emails will come from Please add this address to your “safe list".

  • A limited number of groups are offered each year. You will hear from us when we are planning the next group.

  • Attending a pre-course (intake & information) appointment is required before enrolling in Mindfulness-Based Programs offered by Mindfulness West.

  • Attending a pre-course appointment does not guarantee enrolment.

  • The pre-course appointment will take up to two hours and includes:

    • Completion of a detailed mental health questionnaire

    • Individual interview with an MBCT facilitator

    • Group information session with a few other potential participants

    • Discussing if it is the right program and  the right time to participate.

  • Mindfulness West programs are free for anyone with a valid BC Care Card number.

  • Some partner organizations cover the cost of the program workbook. We will advise you if there are any additional costs for materials.