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Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP) is a novel treatment approach developed at the Addictive Behaviours Research Center at the University of Washington. 


Similar to Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for depression, the MBRP program integrates mindfulness practices and principles with cognitive-behavioural relapse prevention. MBRP is best suited to individuals who are in recovery, and who wish to maintain their gains and develop a lifestyle that supports their well-being and ongoing recovery. It can be useful for any form of addictive behaviour.

Home practice is the key to experiencing benefits from this mindfulness-based program.

See for more information about the MBRP program.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy 

(MBCT) is a skills-based therapeutic approach originally developed as a relapse-prevention program for depression. It has been found to be particularly effective for individuals with a past history of recurrent major depressive disorder. The MBCT program is also helpful for people experiencing symptoms of residual depression, for mild to moderate acute depression, and in the management of anxiety, stress and chronic pain.

The MBCT program is an 8-week group intervention, with weekly classes lasting two hours each. However, much of the practice is done outside of class, with guided meditations and other “home practice” intended to support the integration of mindfulness into daily life. 


"Alumni Group"sessions support continued practice and are open to anyone who has completed one of the Mindfulness West therapeutic programs. 

Mindful Self-Care for Caregivers is largely based on MBCT. The main difference is that all who attend this program share the experience of being "informal" caregivers for family or friends.


In the Caregivers program the focus is on self-care strategies to support caregivers to look after themselves so that they are better able to provide care for others.

Mindful-Self Care for Caregivers was offered in 2018-19 in partnership with Family Caregivers of BC. Due to resoundingly positive response by participants, Mindfulness West will endeavour to continue to offer the program. 

This course directly targeted my thoughts and behaviours and showed me the link to my anxiety. Before this I had not found help that was tangible or constructive.

MBCT Participant