Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is a skills-based therapeutic approach that was originally developed as a relapse-prevention program for depression. It is particularly effective for people with a past history of recurrent major depressive disorder, and is also helpful for people experiencing symptoms of residual depression, mild to moderate acute depression, and for management of anxiety, stress, chronic pain, or emotional distress from other causes. Many who attend MBCT have no diagnosis, and some choose to participate for "personal development".

Mindfulness West currently offers the MBCT as an 8-week group program, with an additional session at the start for orientation. Participants attend "virtually", connecting via a Zoom for Healthcare to participate in weekly classes lasting two and a half hours each. However, most of the benefit of MBCT is achieved outside of class, with guided meditations and other home practices intended to support the integration of mindfulness into daily life - so that benefits last after the 8-week program. 


Occasionally we may offer "Alumni Group"sessions to support continued practice, and these would be open to anyone who has completed a Mindfulness West program. 

This course directly targeted my thoughts and behaviours and showed me the link to my anxiety. Before this I had not found help that was tangible or constructive.

MBCT Participant